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Research data on the Humpback whales. [index]

The 2011 season is now over and I am happy to report that The Humpbacks once again looked real good. The season's research summary has been updated accordingly for 2010 and 2011. A few special pictures have also been added.

I will be on station again in the fall of 2011 to greet the return of The Humpbacks for the 2012 season. The next season will be my 8th year monitoring the population here on The East Cape.

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I chose to open a website because I have retired from active teaching and cannot imagine losing touch with an audience. Sharing my academic expertise and experiences after 33 years in the classroom and in the field of research is my passion. So... here is a summary of my world, and may something spark your interest. Enjoy!

A a chronology of the evolution of my 30+ year journey with the great whales.

About the research lab project.  

There are several photo galleries of the expeditions and a pages of photo IDs (by year) of the humpbacks. These images were taken in the Sea of Cortez near the southeast tip of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

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