Thoughts on Y2K

Urmas Kaldveer, Ph.D.

If one were to imagine the Earth as a living thing, a Gaian perspective let us say, then it would be obvious that in maintaining her (Earth's') health it would be important that all her systems (circulatory, respiratory, et al) were functioning properly.

In all living things each system is intimately connected and dependent upon all the other systems, so it is with mother Earth. Occasionally there is a change within the body of the organism requiring a restructuring. This can be caused by something outside the organism or within it, and may require a simple adjustment or it may demand a very serious over haul.

Usually, if one is lucky, there will be some early sign of "dis-ease" and the situation can be addressed and it's negative consequences minimized. This always requires the cooperative effort of all systems and often, indeed almost always, results in a stronger individual.

I would like to suggest that the Y2K issue is just such an early warning sign of an organism (the Earth) that is in "dis-ease", and that that "dis-ease" is a direct result of a man made system (or paradigm) which is not functioning properly due to some very serious design flaws. I do not refer here exclusively to the year 2000 glitch. That is a symptom, not the cause of the more organism wide problem.

There are a number of people who have considered the computer as the key to an eventual maturing of the "global brain". That is, the computer will be the tool allowing all peoples (neurons) to communicate and in this way ultimately be integrated for the good of the whole as the "global Mind".

The problem as I see it (and this is only one individuals perspective) is that the initial, and continuing, purpose of the computer network has not been for the maturing of the global brain at all, but instead for the expression of the materialism encouraged by the philosophies popularized during the European Renaissance and which have ultimately led us to a "heartless" (unconnected) form of capitalism.

If I am correct, and the "organism" analogy holds up, then the Y2K issue is a symptom of the overall disregard and irreverence that we exhibit in our use (abuse) of Gaias' body (natural resources of all kinds).

Y2K is a glitch in Gaias' nervous system that is a direct result of the above attitudes and is a warning sign that there is much in Gaias' body that needs immediate attention. I am referring of course to those environmental issues which are clearly serious causes for the dis-ease of the planet.

How serious the ramifications of Y2K will be will depend to a great extent on how successful we are in remembering our pre-computer capabilities and how prepared we are to come together as community when things may unravel. It would be wise, just wise mind you, to put aside enough food and water to be self sufficient for at least two weeks. There is plenty of information out there on how to do this. Also be prepared to accept the inconveniences that come with events such as this. If and when there is less food, energy etc. and you are feeling put upon, do not piss and moan, do what our species has always done; help each other through. And remember this, a vast majority of people in the world (the third world) have been in Y2K since the Age of Exploration. They did not choose to be in that position either!

It is after Y2K that is of greater concern. Will we see the innate errors in much of the present infrastructure (partly manifested by Y2K) and make the changes necessary to re balance our role in the health of Gaias' body? To do this we must recognize the opportunity afforded us and change the current paradigm to one that is more conscious of the need for reverence and love for this most beautiful planet and our unlimited potential as a species.

If the computer is indeed to become the vehicle for experiencing the best of the "Global Mind", we need to readapt that technology for purposes other than speeding up monetary transactions and eliminating person to person dialogue. Y2K may just make that self evident to everyone.

We can do it!