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Channel 1995
Three students from Mendocino College after the "whale experience"
Hawaii 1998
Students from Mendocino College ecology class moored at Waikiki
Channel '95
Students on the beach at San Miguel Island after seeing the Blue whales circle us
Channel '96
End of the trip, no whales but a good time had by all
Channel 1996
Adam Tyson, crewman, Dariabar
Channel 1995
Captain Ethan Silva off Prisoner's Cove
Channel  1996
The serenity of San Miguel Island
 Pacific, 1998
My afternoons at the helm, Pacific passage 1998, blissful and instructive
Hawaii 1998
The 84' sailing schooner Dariabar moored at Pier 3, Honolulu
Hawaii 1998
Captain and crew preparing to lower a sona bouy during ATOC
Hawaii 1998
The "ladies" from the Cornell group at the end of the study
Hawaii 1998
The crew of Dariabar at the end of the ATOC study. Lf to rt, Jack Frost, Danny Dillon, Urmas Kaldveer, Bonnie and Charlie Patton. Captain Ethan Silva missing
Hawaii 1998
Sailing past Lahaina, Maui on our way to Kauii
ecotour 2003
At the pictographs trail head, Boca Del Alamo, Mx
ecotour 2003
Kayaking into the sunrise, a favorite, El Cardonal, Mx
ecotour 2004
My intrepid hikers, divers and kayakers at the pictographs, Mx
ectour 2004
Becky Kress and Nimka Kutzfeld way relaxed off El Cardonal, looking south towards Punta Pescadero
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