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I had my annual meeting with Dr. Jorge Urban some months ago to talk over our research experiences this season (2010) and to submit my 2010 data to him. As always it was a meeting full of stories, information and lots of laughs.

Basic news; the East Pacific Humpback population looked real strong this year to everyone. Many whales and in excellent health as well as being vigorously active (lots of breeding). We now estimate there may be as many as 22,000 HBs in The North Pacific as a whole and that’s good.

The special news is that my dream of this area being designated as an MPA or MMPA (Marine Protected Area or Marine Mammal Protected Area) is looking stronger than ever. While in Jorge’s office, Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho dropped by for a meeting with Jorge. Senor Bracho is The Coordinator for Research and Conservation of Marine Mammals for all of Mexico. I was making a case for “my whales” to Jorge and his assistant Ursula and so Lorenzo sat in. After making my points he thanked me genuinely for my work and said he would do what he could to make that happen. Jorge gave me a smile and a nod to indicate that we looked good for an MPA if not an MMPA here.

I am passing this on to all of you because without your help over the past 6 years none of this would have happened. Your kind and often generous support made it possible for me to go out to the whales and collect the data needed to authenticate this area as an important breeding/calving area. What I have done is the result of your love for The Whales, Our Planet….and yes, for me. I cherish that.

May The Great Mystery bless you,

p.s. I now have the data sheets back from last year and will be sending the photos/data to those of you who adopted some of the 2009 whales




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