Urmas Kaldveer, Ph.D.



B.A. Zoology, San Jose State College, 2/65

M.S. Medical Microbiology, Univ. of Arizona, 2/69

Ph.D. Higher Education & Social Change, Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley, 12/93

Hold community college teaching Credentials in Natural Sciences, Physical sciences, Natural Resources and History.

Professional Experience


Professor of Natural Sciences, Mendocino Community College (1973 - )

Independent Researcher (Whales, Coral Reefs, Native Americans)

Education Consultant (mentor)

Founder & Coordinator, Janus Program (elders continuing education)

Executive Director, Mendocino Institute of Science & History

Board of Directors, Cloud Forest Institute, Ecuador

Advisory Board, Cetacean Studies Institute, Australia

Eight year ethno-historical research (three LJ & Mary C. Skaggs Foundation grants)


Crewman, sailing schooner Dariabar, SF to Hawai'i passage, 1997-98

Laboratory station for Cornell University and The ATOC experiment

Chief diver & boat Handler, UC Bodega Marine Lab., 1970-72

Administrative Director, Lake County Elderhostel Program

Founder & Main teacher, New School of Ukiah

Consultant & teacher, D Q Univ., Native American College

Specialty teacher & chairman of the board, Mendocino County Waldorf School

Pacific Coast Div. Dir., Permaloy Mktg. Co.

Journeyman carpenter, California Yurts

Additional Experience

Substitute teacher, Ukiah Unified School District

P.G. & E. Lineman, 1960-64, 1969

Practicant microbiologist, Bjare Ind., Sweden, 1965

Laborer, Berchtesgaden, Germany, 1965


A Single Father's Survival Guide to the Kitchen

Cultures in Collision: an ethnohistory of the Huchnom (Published: 2007)


Birthdate: November 29, 1941

Birthplace: Tallinn, Estonia; single, two children: 38 & 40

Listed in Who's Who of American Teachers


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